A Magazine For Survivors

Every single human deserves to feel beautiful, to have their story told, to write their own narrative, and to find their own meaning.

AL • LE • GO • RY, The Magazine, seeks to highlight and tell the stories of every day humans who are living their lives fearlessly and unequivocally on their own terms, through their own individual struggles, victories, and monotonies. Each issue will be deeply visually immersive, with articles concentrated around a theme that slowly comes together as you realize the parallels between the subjects.  

Our Story. Our Meaning

Each purchase through AL• LE•GO• RY will include a part of our story and our meaning as our brand begins to grow. To share our story with the people who have joined us along our path, we have been saving small trinkets on our journey. Our hope is to share these trinkets — including a note explaining the story of the trinket, and labeled with a location and how it was acquired — with the people who have joined us.  Our hope lies in the person receiving it finding their own meaning within it and encouraging them to share their story and meaning with our community.